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There are various ways to support us, whether its volunteering, fundraising or simply giving a donation

How you can help

The 100 Club

Be a winner!  Join our 100 Club today

Carers Trust 4all offers you the chance to support unpaid carers and potentially win a cash prize by joining our 100 club.


A Winning Situation!

You join and are allocated your unique number for £5 a month, then each month a draw is held of all the current club members numbers. 

12 chances to win every year!

50% of the money raised each month goes to the winner and the other 50% to the charity, so the more people who join the larger the monthly prize and the greater the amount of support we can give to unpaid carers. 

It’s very easy to join, just enter your contact details via the link here and we will contact you to do the rest

There are no limits on the number of players, or the number of numbers you can buy  -  the more numbers you buy the more chance you have of winning!