Income Support & Tax Credits

Income Support


As a carer you may be eligible for Income Support if you are unable to work or are not actively seeking a job.
Guidelines state to qualify for Income Support you must:
• Be between 16 and Pension Credit qualifying age
• Be pregnant, a carer, a lone parent with a child under 5 or in some cases unable to work because you’re sick or disabled
• Be on a low income
• Work less than 16 hours a week (and your partner works no more than 24 hours a week)
• Live in England, Scotland and Wales - there are different rules for Northern Ireland
Usually, you won’t qualify if you:
• Have savings above £16,000
• Need permission to enter the UK
• Receive Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance
• Are a young person being looked after by a local authority

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Tax Credits

Tax credits may be available for you or the person you are looking after, or both of you, depending on your circumstances. Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit are the two credits which are most likely to be available to you.

Child Tax Credits

You may be eligible for Child Tax Credits if you are responsible for a child under 16 or a child under 20 who is in approved education or training.
How much you get will depend on your individual circumstances

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Working Tax Credits


Working Tax Credit could be available if you are a low income carer of a child (or children) How much you get will depend on you individual circumstances.

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