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Stroke Re-enablement

Stroke Re-ablement

This service is offered to all carers of patients who have suffered a stroke and are ready to return home.

As a patient, you’re likely to need some help from your family or friends to carry out certain activities, such as getting washed and dressed or moving around safely.

Although you, and your family Carer, have been taught how to carry out these activities by hospital staff, the first few weeks after you return home can be challenging as you adjust and recover. You may both forget how to do some of the activities you have been taught. You may lose confidence, or find simple things difficult to achieve.

We can assist by providing fully trained Carer Support Workers during the days and weeks following discharge.

This service is funded by a Liverpool City Council Carer’s Grant and is only available to Liverpool residents.

For more information on this service, please contact us on 0333 323 1990