Things to Consider When Buying Care

The Questions Carers and Family Members Should Ask

When choosing a care provider there are a number of things to consider to ensure the person with care needs, the main carer and family receive the best quality support.
Carers rarely have a single role, so it’s important to consider the carer and family when thinking about care. Carers Trust understands that most people want good quality care and support delivered at home so that, for as long as possible, the person with care needs can stay in the comfort of their own home with family around them.
At Carers Trust 4all we think care, think carer, think family. Our services focus on the family, the carer and the person with care needs, providing a range of wrap around support that gives complete peace of mind.
While many care providers deliver a good level of support to people with care needs, not everybody considers the carer or other family members, and you are important in the delivery of care because:
  • You need to maintain your own health and wellbeing
  • You need to ensure you are not financially disadvantaged
  • You need breaks from caring
  • You have expert knowledge outside of that provided by health and social care professionals
Whether you live with the person with care needs or not, if you’re providing care for someone at home who has a disability, chronic illness, mental ill health or life-limiting condition, you’ll understand the importance of getting the right kind of support for everyone. 

Questions Carers and Family Members Should Ask:

1. How do you want you and the person you care for to be supported?Read about options for care support

2. What are your first impressions? - Read about what to look for in a support worker

3. How will your support package be developed  - Read about care support packages

4. How will your support be monitored and changed? - Read about annual care support reviews

5. How much will it cost? - Read about care support costs

6. Check the staff who will be supporting you - Read about care support worker checks

7. How will they make sure you are safe and supported properly? - Read about care provider regulators

8. Check your right to complain - Read about your right to complain

9. How can you end the agreement? - Read about ending a carer support agreement

10. Check the geography - Read about the importance of location

11. Learn the terminology - Read about key terms in social care


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